What is StoneLine ?

Stoneline is a high-quality composite material that is extensively utilized in the realms of fine arts, crafts, and construction. It is composed of a calcium-based substance embedded in an acrylic resin, which results in a superior finish and high strength. This unique composition makes Stoneline an ideal choice for various applications due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Eco-Friendly

    Eco-friendly, VOC-free material ensuring safe, non-toxic interiors for sustainable and healthy living spaces.

  • Easy to cast

    Easy to pour, molds effortlessly, and delivers high-detail finishes post-demolding for precise, quality results.

  • Fast setting

    Quick-setting material, ready in 20-30 minutes, ensuring efficient production and timely project completion.

Reviving the old Pottery's Clay

A modern evolution of ancient Phoenician clay, easily shaped by hand. It meets the demands of contemporary design while being eco-friendly. The calcium-based waste is beneficial for plants, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.