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  • Maison des fleures UAE

    Rawlines in collaboration with Maison des Fleures, has innovatively crafted eco-friendly, handmade flower containers. These lightweight yet robust creations underscore our commitment to sustainability and quality. Our engineers’ expertise shines through in this project, marrying aesthetics with functionality in a truly remarkable way.”

  • Vienna Coffee House

    Rawlines Design collaborated closely with the interior designer to curate a mood board for all planters used in the coffee shop. Following the official launch, people interact daily with our products, often capturing their coffee moments near our centerpiece pots. Our designer skillfully harmonized colors to complement the coffee ambiance, resulting in a seamless and delightful experience.

  • Dar Hamad Restaurants Kuwait

    We embarked on an exciting venture to elevate the aesthetic appeal of Dar Hamad Restaurant in Kuwait. Our mission? To craft exquisite centerpiece vases that seamlessly harmonize with the restaurant’s interior design.

    Our meticulous process involved meticulously matching the vases’ colors to the existing space. Rigorous testing ensured that the vases could withstand the pressures of daily use, guaranteeing stability on every table.

  • Layers UAE

    Our product design team at Rawlines has meticulously created a distinctive collection for “Layers”, a renowned brand in the UAE. Using brass and marble, we’ve fashioned home accessories that embody the brand’s identity. This project exemplifies our dedication to aligning design with brand ethos, delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction. We are immensely proud of this achievement.

  • NAZ House coffee shop

    The Naze House Coffee Shop, in collaboration with Rawlines, overcame technical challenges to create a unique hat-shaped terrazzo lamp. This masterpiece, a result of teamwork and innovation, now illuminates the shop, symbolizing the triumph of creativity over complexity. A shining testament to Rawlines’ commitment to excellence.

  • Kalani Resort

    We express our gratitude to Kalani Resort for entrusting us with the creation of a master tissue holder made from terrazzo. This project aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their Italian restaurant tables. Our team at Rwalines meticulously designed the holder, focusing on functionality, shape, size, and color. This seemingly small item has transformed into a centerpiece, adding a touch of elegance to each table setting.

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