Welcome to Our Customizable Products

Where every piece is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Enrich your event with our carefully crafted products, tailored to suit your preferences. Explore our customizable packaging options to add a personal touch to your order. Discover the perfect pieces to create a gift that truly speaks for you.

  • Personalized Candle Jar

    Choose from a variety of captivating scents, and make it extra special with a personalized touch where you can custom engraved name to the lid, creating a unique and heartfelt gift for any occasion.

  • Stylish Bakhoor Burner

    Make every milestone magical with the special aromas of Bakhoor. This beautifully packaged, compact burner (8.5 cm x 12 cm) arrives ready to gift on any special occasion.

  • Charming Potted Cactus

    Bring a touch of greenery and personality to the event with our potted cactus. This cylindrical pot, available in solid, marble, or terrazzo styles, adds a modern and minimalist touch to be gifted in any event

  • Zig Zag Soap Dish

    Its intriguing zigzag design lends a sense of modern elegance. This dish is 10.5 by 7 centimeters, which is ideal for most bar soaps. Add a bit of flair with a colorful ribbon or dried flowers. Alternatively, offer it in a lovely gift box as a kind and practical gift for any occasion.

  • Yin-Yang Candle

    Perfect match for every special event. This aromatherapy candle features two intertwined sections measuring Size 11.5*7 cm. Each containing a different scented wax. Symbolizing balance and harmony. Complemented by the potential aromatherapy benefits of the candle's scents.

  • Rainbow Vase

    With a single blooming flower displayed in this vibrant rainbow arch, brighten any occasion.
    Standing at a petite 11.5 centimeters tall and 7 centimeters wide, this charming vase is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any celebration.

  • The Mini Arch Mirror

    Introducing our Personalized Mirror design, an eye-catching addition to any setting. This mirror measures 10cm by 15cm and has a solid color frame that can be personalized with a name or message, making it a unique and heartfelt gift.

  • Decorative Ring Holder

    This appealing ring holder, measuring 12cm, adds a bit of heavenly magic to your moments. It comes in various shades to match your style and provides a trendy and meaningful way to preserve your most treasured rings for every special day.

  • Three-wick Candle Holder

    A single flame for a quiet evening, two for a cozy gathering, or the full three for a vibrant atmosphere. Available in solid, marble, terrazzo, and even a captivating half-and-half combination.

  • Well-Shaped Incense Holder

    Our rectangle incense holder, measuring 25 cm by 7 cm, is a sleek and attractive addition. This holder is expertly crafted and provides a solid foundation for properly burning incense sticks or bakhoor.

  • Colorful Oval Tray

    Discover our Oval Tray collection, featuring a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Perfect for organizing valuables or adding an artistic touch to your desk, these trays combine functionality with elegant design.

  • Terrazzo Pot Candle

    Awaken your senses with this pot, a captivating union of modern design and delightful fragrance. This charming 8cm x 8cm cube crafted from terrazzo, a trendy material with unique flecks of color, adds a modern and stylish touch to all kinds of events.


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